Working as a Student

If you are coming to Estonia for studies, but you are as well interested in accelerating your career in the world’s first digital society, then this is the place for you – as you can study and work without any additional bureaucratic hassle!

During studies

+ International students (EU and non-EU) do not need an additional work permit to work while studying full time. As long as work does not interfere with your studies, you can legally work as much as you can!

You can find job offers and also internships right here on our website.

After studies

+ For EU graduates, there are no additional permits to start working. Your employer would just register you in the Employment Register, just as with any local worker.

+ For non-EU graduates, once you have finished your studies your stay is legal for an extra 270 days after the expiration date of your temporary residence permit for studies. This additional time is given in order for you to search and find a job in Estonia.

NB! If you need to travel during those 270 days it might be a good idea for you to apply for a visa sticker to formalise your stay, so other Schengen countries know that you stay is legal. Formalisation can be done in person at a Police and Border Guard Board Service point (in Tallinn – A. H. Tammsaare tee 47, P. Pinna 4; in Pärnu – Aida 5; in Tartu – Riia mnt 132, in Jõhvi – Rahu 38, in Narva – Vahtra 3).

For formalisation, you must submit:
• a free-form application, with your name, surnames, personal identification code, contact information, date and signature;
• a photograph;
• a travel document;
a document that confirms the payment of state fee; otherwise, the state fee should be paid at the service point.

+ If you have graduated Master’s or Doctoral studies from an Estonian university, then you can apply for a temporary residence permit to settle permanently in EstoniaIf you have graduated Bachelor’s studies, then the requirement is that you have resided in Estonia for at least 3 years based on a temporary residence permit which should be good if you have been doing a three-year BA.

Required documents for the application of temporary residence permit:

An application for temporary residence permit;
Data of close relative and family members;
1 colour photo with measures 40×50 mm;
A document certifying the payment of the state fee.

• By signing the application you confirm that:
o The copy appended to the application complies with the original document, it does not contain false data and it has not been forged;
o You have adequate legal income;
o You have a health insurance contract.

+ As well, if you found a job and your employer is willing to send confirmation of this, then you can apply for a temporary residence permit for employment. The benefit for you and your employer is that the requirements of permission from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and the average salary criterion for foreigners do not apply in this case. Read more.

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