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Why Come to Estonia?

Why live in a digital and tech-savvy society, where horizontal work culture enables fast advancement?

What do you get when crossing a bear’s resilience with the elegance of an elf? An ability to work hard while still remaining classy.

And this is what Estonia feels like – you can work together with people with uncannily elegant skills *and* the willingness to pull their weight. An atmosphere to be envied!

A research conducted among highly-skilled expats* proved once again that Estonia is experienced as an open-minded country where it is easy and affordable to live. But what else did the research conclude?

* in autumn 2014 for Work in Estonia.


People moving to Estonia from western countries consider the main motivator and attraction of Estonia to be its compact organisational hierarchy. This enables you to climb up the career ladder more rapidly than in other countries.

Whereas in the USA, Germany, Spain and other Scandinavian countries employees typically reach a certain career level in their forties, it becomes possible significantly earlier in Estonia.

In here, teams are smaller and everyone has the chance to have their say in decision-making. Young employees are given opportunities to lead, and staff members’ contributions are noticed and rewarded.

Language level

The high level of English is naturally a very positive thing. Non-Estonian speakers do not generally feel helpless in Estonia. Whether at the doctor’s, on the street, at the shops or official institutions, it’s almost always possible to get by in English.

Living environment

The local living environment is notably safe. Life in Estonia is not over-regulated. The streets are safe. The pace of life is not as hectic or stressful as in larger cities.

There is plenty of fresh air, fresh food and spacious countryside. People from a variety of different cultural backgrounds admit that they feel comfortable living here.

Effectiveness in dealings with state and businesses

As services have been digitised, everything in Estonia takes place quickly and painlessly. The tax system is transparent and simple.

Expats report that they particularly appreciate direct interactions with officials in here ‒ you always know who is dealing with your case and what the status of the case is (officials pro-actively contact you via telephone or e-mail).

Cultural opportunities

Despite the small size of the country, it’s always possible to attend great gigs and exhibitions. You never feel like time is standing still in here.