Why come to Estonia?

Why live in a digital and tech-savvy society, where horizontal work culture enables fast advancement?

What do you get when crossing a bear’s resilience with the elegance of an elf? An ability to work hard while remaining classy.

And this is what Estonia feels like – you can work together with people with uncannily elegant skills *and* the willingness to pull their weight. An atmosphere to be envied!

So what makes Estonia an attractive place for working and living? Find out below!

Fast-track your career: The main motivator and attraction of Estonia has to be its compact organisational hierarchy, which enables you to climb up the career ladder more rapidly. Young employees are given opportunities to lead, and staff members’ contributions are noticed and rewarded.
Our future is bright: Estonians are the start-up nation of Europe. Our government is doing everything to make running businesses as easy and streamlined as possible. You can access all major government agencies via the world famous X-Road environment using your ID-card that makes integrated e-services available for everyone everywhere.
So fresh & so clean: As a clear winner of the category, Estonians highly value both the environmental cleanliness and the possibilities of spending time in the nature. For one day each year, much of the country unites to clean up our beaches and forests while bragging about it via 4G (soon to be 5G) internet on social media.
Safety first: Crime rates are low, people around you are relaxed and usually modest. Cyber safety is an especially hot topic and Estonians often like to speak about it on international arena. By the way, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence is located in Tallinn.
The living is easy: No other tech hub beats Tallinn when it comes to optimising your monthly expenses. Rent in Tallinn is 3 times cheaper than in Amsterdam and 8 times more affordable than in San Francisco. Our free public transport and healthcare leave you more disposable income to spend on fun things.
English is widely spoken: The high level of English is naturally a very positive thing. Non-Estonian speakers do not generally feel helpless in Estonia.
Culture beats: Culturally Estonia delivers on all fronts – we have extremely vibrant nightlife with major artists flown in on most weekends, frequent music and film festivals all around the country, happenings of all sorts to freshen every point of view known to man. And if that’s not enough, major Nordic hubs like Stockholm and Helsinki are just a short ferry ride away!
Too good to be true? We do not say Estonia is perfect, but it is a pretty awesome place to work and live. One thing to consider is the weather, for example winters can be very cold, up to -20˚C, but it is compensated by our long summer days. This means lots of indoor activities during the winter. Also, some local people think smiling too much is a sign of insanity.
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