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Setting Up a Company

Estonia is known for its ease of doing business. It’s also a fact: Estonia ranks among the top 20 in the world.

Starting a company here is easy and cheap: you can do it in person or online. All you need is half an hour of your time. (And that includes making tea.) Estonia’s e-Business Register allows you to register a new business online in just minutes, without ever having to go to a notary or a government office.

You can register a company with an Estonian e-Residency card, with an Estonian, Belgian, Finnish, Portuguese ID card or with a Lithuanian mobile ID.

For more information on types of companies and how to register, see the website of the Estonian Investment Agency.

More information about Estonian Startup Visa, a visa programme that allows you to enter the country to found a company and makes it easier for startups to hire from abroad, can be found on the website of Startup Estonia.