Land Your Dream Job in Estonia

Estonia is among the most talent-ready countries in the world.* Of course, there are countless reasons for this Northern wonderland to be the perfect place for your next career move. We are listing the most important ones.

4 smartest reasons to start working in Estonia

# Big fish in a small pond gets all the attention

As a foreign specialist you’ll enjoy high chances in achieving things quickly. It takes decades to reach the top in large countries. In Estonia, you can take a big jump on your career ladder much faster.

It’s not like we worship foreigners and give them all the chances, however. It’s just because everyone’s input is valued and the teams tend to be small here. If you prefer compact organisations, Estonia is the place to work in.

# Smart work-force is needed

Estonia has a well-developed business environment, infrastructure and smart work-force. The country is looking for smart work-force who would give their valuable input to the development of technologies, services and other unique solutions.

The local economy is characterised by a strong ICT sector. In the ICT sector, the need for software developers, analysts and engineers, and account managers remains the highest. (Look at current job offers). In addition, engineering, technology, and medical services have an important part to play in the local economy as well.

Many global corporations have a presence in Estonia. Naturally, Skype has a massive office here – after all, it was also created on these shores. But so do Ericsson, Playtech, Kuehne + Nagel, Twilio, TransferWise, and many others – this list is ever-expanding.

Estonia is home to almost 200 startups. This is why Estonia is also called the Little Silicon Valley of Europe. Many of these startups offer career-minded and intelligent people a quick climb up the career ladder.

# The life quality will keep a smile on your face

Compared to other Nordic countries, the cost of living in Estonia is wallet-friendly.

The country is compact, public services are easy-to-use and the tax system is very straightforward.

Wherever you are – at work, visiting a doctor, in a shop, or having fun – the general fluency of English remains at a high level.

Also, being one of the most wireless countries on Earth, you’ll find it easy to carry out your everyday business. Things move quickly and efficiently in Estonia. So, don’t be surprised if an official dealing with your matters gets in touch with you by email or cell phone only an hour after you’ve sent out an inquiry.

# You will never lack space

You can always escape to a forest or a lakeside in less than 30 minutes from where you are. We know this to be a proper luxury.

The living environment in Estonia is very safe, relaxed and green. Estonia is even counted among the top 10 greenest countries on Earth.** You can go from working in an ultra-sleek office to a stroll on the beach in half an hour. And quite soon you will take it for granted.

* According to the global graduate business school, INSEAD.

** According to the Environmental Performance Index.

How to Find a Job?

You can choose from many options when looking for a job in Estonia. You can get yourself successfully recruited by using a mix of professional application processes and creative thinking. Just maintain a consistent strategy throughout your search.

Take note: do not underestimate a good contacts network and getting in touch with several recruitment companies or recruiters and talent acquisition professionals on LinkedIn.

When looking for a job, consider the following options:

How to Apply?

Find a suitable position

Find out the expectations for the position you are applying for.

Apply for the position

As anywhere in the world, you are expected to provide your resume (usually in a PDF format) together with your cover letter (called kaaskiri or motivatsioonikiri in Estonian).

The cover letter is one of your main means to clarify the reasons why you are applying for the position. It is also your chance to make your resume stand out.

When compiling your application and resume, pay special attention to highlighting your strengths related to the position.

Your resume should be:

– accurate, concise and informative,

– give the prospective employer a clear picture of your previous professional experience,

– give appropriate details about your education and training.

As an alternative to compiling a resume yourself, Estonia’s online recruitment portals provide a standardised resume format with forms that you can fill in online.

Wait for a reply from an HR team

If a company is interested in you, be prepared to attend a job interview, and in some places, a small test.

Attend a job interview

Job interviews vary – the HR specialist or the CEO of the company (or both) might be present. Be honest and open – Estonian employers are usually honest and straightforward themselves.

Receive and accept a job offer

Voilà! You’ve made it. Welcome!

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