I’m from an EU country and my stay will be temporary, up to 3 months

  1. Reside and work in Estonia without registering your residency address for up to 3 months. Although you can reside and work in Estonia, not being in the Population Register means that you will not get an Estonian ID card or access to some of our public services (e.g. registering with a GP, using free public transportation).
  2. Receive your Estonian ID-code. It’s a crucial one, in order to register you into the Employment Registry.The ID-code is a unique 11-digit number used to identify you in health care and several other areas of your life in Estonia. Scroll down to the Identification code section here.To get the ID-code/identification code:
    -Go to a local government office (Tallinn/Tartu) or the International House (appointment required);
    -Prepare an application form;
    -Bring your passport.
    After a 30 minute appointment, you’ll receive the code.
  3. Sign an employment contract. Agree upon work conditions with your employer and sign a contract. You can find general information about employment contracts here.
  4. Get proof of taxes paid in Estonia before you leave. Since you’re residing in Estonia for less than 183 days, your tax residency will not change. But because you’ll physically work in Estonia, taxes from your salary will still be paid in Estonia. You can take these into account when filing a tax declaration in your home country. For that, your employer needs to give you a form TSM MR.
  5. Additional information that might interest you:
    – You will have health care coverage from your 15th day of employment. Once you’re registered at the Employment Registry (by your employer) and have an Estonian ID-code, the Estonian health care system will cover you from your 15th day of employment.
    – Find a temporary home. For that we recommend to see the options on Airbnb and Few examples of private short-term guest apartments available in Ülemiste and Telliskivi.
    – Get a public transportation card. More info here.

    Feels like a lot to handle? The International House of Estonia is there to support you and answer all your questions about paperwork, settling in, networking, and jobs. Book an appointment.

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