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Employment Contracts

The work relationship in Estonia is usually based on an employment contract.

The probation period of an employee usually lasts 3-4 months and as a rule, your employment contract is concluded for an unspecified period. In order to enter into an employment contract for a fixed term, the employer must be able to demonstrate the temporary nature of the work (such as a short-term increase in workload or seasonal work).

The salary is freely negotiable and is paid at least once a month to the employee’s bank account. All wages are paid in the net amount. It is your employer’s obligation to calculate and withhold all the necessary payroll taxes.

The full-time workload is 40 hours per week, eight hours per day. An employer and an employee can agree on shorter working hours for part-time positions. Overtime work, work during the night, and public holidays are to be paid at a higher rate.

Special conditions apply to pregnant or nursing women, and to parents of small children.

And the best thing? You are entitled to at least 28 calendar days of vacation in a calendar year.

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