Startup Visa Makes Hiring Startup Employees and Founding Startups in Estonia Easier

23. January 2017

New startup visas and permits scheme is now in effect, making it easier for non-EU citizens to relocate or set up their startup in Estonia. At the samet ime, all startups registered in Estonia can recruit people from outside the EU more easily.

The Estonian startup visa is a new meant for entrepreneurial non-EU nationals who wish to come and be a part of one of the smallest but liveliest startup communities in Europe as a founder; or an Estonian startup wanting to recruit abroad. For Estonian startups, enriching and growing their company by employing foreign talent is made easier than ever.

Estonia has a busy, supportive and open startup community eager to welcome more ambitious individuals and startups. Top-notch e-services, great ease of doing business, ideal testing ground, low red tape, entrepreneurial people and high quality of life at a low cost are just some of the keywords describing Estonia and why it is a great country to run a startup in – with the highest startups per capita ratio in Europe to show and prove it.

For Estonian startups, startup visas and permits provide a great opportunity for enriching and growing their company by employing foreign talent – a process now made easier than ever before.

More information on the startup visa scheme can be found on Startup Estonia’s website.

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