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Short-term talents via AIESEC

Youth network of business-ready global talent

AIESEC is a global platform that connects talented young people across 126 countries.

It is a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of higher education institutions. AIESEC was created to help young talents explore and develop their leadership potential.

The AIESEC Global Talent and Global Entrepreneurs programmes give you access to this talent pool. By bringing in students and graduates for traineeships and providing them with meaningful professional experiences, you can benefit from their ambition and expertise. The programme duration ranges from 6 weeks to 18 months.

AIESEC provides a full range of support services that help to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Global Talent Programme

The Global Talent Programme is AIESEC’s flagship programme. It is aimed at bridging talent gaps within organisations by providing students or recent graduates with 3 to 18 month traineeships. The Global Talent internships are offered mostly in the fields of IT, Marketing & Sales and Teaching.

Global Talent is a flexible and cost effective programme providing qualified interns for your company.

The process is highly customised and AIESEC will take care of the incoming interns’ visa, migration documents, arrival reception at accommodation and integration to the local culture.

How does it work?

  1. You rill in the provided job description template
  2. AIESEC promotes the job opportunity in their network
  3. AIESEC pre-selects suitable candidates and coordinates virtual interviews between your company and the candidates
  4. Your company presents candidates with tasks and makes the final decision
  5. AIESEC arranges VISA application and accommodation for the intern(s)
  6. AIESEC is in charge of the reception and assists the intern(s) with integration to local environment
  7. Your company provides the intern(s) with proper tasks and working conditions as set in the job description

Take note #1: the whole sourcing process is expected to be completed within 5 weeks. This may take longer if the visa process requires or if either extended promotion or selection procedures are needed.

Take note #2: your company needs to pay an administrative fee to AIESEC and also a salary to interns, as stated in contract. AIESEC will find the accommodation for the interns. The interns will pay their rent themselves.

Global Entrepreneurs

A spin-off from Global Talent, Global Entrepreneurs is a tailor-made programme for start-ups.

Global Entrepreneurs provides companies with young talents from around the world. These talents can contribute to your start-up full time for 6 to 8 weeks without financial reimbursement. This is a really cost-effective solution to support your start-up’s expansion plans.

The procedure of recruiting interns for Global Entrepreneurs is the same as for the Global Talent programme.

Take note: your company only needs to pay an administrative fee to AIESEC and provide accommodation for the interns.

For more information, check out AIESEC’s website and find them on Facebook.

You can contact Marcus Puryer, the National Sales Director, to arrange for a meeting.