‘Re-Invent Yourself’

Coming to Estonia as an accompanying spouse, you might lack a support network and information on your new environment. Work in Estonia offers you just that, in a programme packed with professional networking and ways for you to evolve professionally in Estonia.

In spring 2019, Work in Estonia initiated two pilot project groups of international spouses in Estonia for them to re-invent themselves professionally. Shortly after completion of the programme, one-third of the participants had found a job, while all participants recommend the programme 100%.

Moving to a new country together with your partner can be quite challenging. Often as the accompanying spouse, you have to leave behind your career – thus setting your professional goals and path in a new environment can be rather complicated.

Questions like “Can I even work here without knowing the language?”, “What are my options for working?”, “Where to find professional contacts?” or “How to set up a company or find volunteering opportunities?” are common. And without having a network of people around you, it is hard to answer them.

The 4-week programme aims at making this transition a lot easier, through the following:

The 2021 programmes are organised by Work in Estonia in cooperation with Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and MoveMyTalent. The events will be held in English and the program is free of charge. The next program (October group) will take place in Tallinn within the period of 11.10-01.11. Participants are expected to attend all sessions.

NB! Registration to this program is only available to spouses already residing in Estonia. As the program will be held in person, participants must provide a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or proof of obtaining immunity through having COVID-19 during the last 6 months.

To apply, please fill the form below and we will contact you for further steps.


I commend the Estonian government for sponsoring and approving this program, it significantly shows how welcoming and assisting the state really is. I also  commend the organizers of this program for doing a great job by helping us (the participants) in our career pursuit.‘ – 1st group programme participant

NB! Registration for the October group is closed- you can register your interest for the November group from the waiting list down bellow

Registration of Interest for November 2021 group

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