New chance to learn Estonian: SPEAKLY

5. March 2018

The Republic of Estonia has received a new present on it’s 100th birthday: everyone can now study Estonian language!

Integration Foundation supports the innovative language learning platform in order to help people learn Estonian language for free!

Although the program is usually paid, the Estonian Integration Foundation has made it possible to have a free way to learn the language (as a gift to Estonia). Speakly is a language learning platform that can be used on the computer and also on the smartphone. It uses a three layer system to achieve a conversational level. The first level is to learn words, the second to write and speak and the third one is to repeat what you already know.

Experience shows that Speakly allows a motivated learner to quickly acquire a good level of the language. To achieve this, the user should learn with Speakly about 15 words a day, which should take take around 35 minutes on a daily basis.

How to use the free opportunity to study Estonian?

Go to -> click on ‘Buy now’ -> Log in -> choose ‘Estonian’ -> choose any package -> and enter the coupon code ‘WORKINESTONIA’ , which would make it free (NB! the code is case sensitive) – > and start learning!


Picture Credit: Estonian World

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