Staying connected without public phone booths

Estonia has one of the highest numbers of cell phones per capita in the world. Fast Internet is everywhere. Estonia has even declared internet access a human right and has digitally streamlined an unprecedented number of public services for citizens and businesses.

Estonia has three major cell phone service providers – Telia, Elisa and Tele2 – and three major TV/Internet/landline providers – Telia, Elisa and STV .

The market is small and the competition high. This means all providers are reasonably priced and offer high quality solutions depending on your needs.

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How to choose a cell phone provider?

Signing a monthly contract with a wireless service provider is easy. The most convenient way is to step into a Telia, Elisa or Tele2 store and take it from there.

Unless you plan to move into the depths of a forest, you shouldn’t have any problems with reception and service. A slight difference might occur between the three providers in the most remote rural locations, mainly in data speed. (The providers will let you know, no worries.) 

Large selection of prepaid calling cards

Telia, Elisa and Tele2 all offer numerous calling cards.

Rechargeable SIMs do not differ from each other very much. Their prices are equally low (less than 10 euros to buy a card) and most of them include free calling time, messages and at least few hundred megabytes of data. 

You can buy a prepaid calling card from a Telia, Elisa or a Tele2 store or from supermarkets, R-kiosks, gas stations and post offices.

Connecting your home with TV, internet or landline solutions

TV/Internet/landline providers TeliaElisa and STV all offer similar services and can set you up either with a suitable package or with just one service.

Check out their websites and see what TV and Internet plans are available for your address. (Landline deals are the same for all locations.) 

You might need an Estonian friend to help you with this because most of these pages are in Estonian and Russian. If you need to speak to someone in English, just drop into a Starman, STV or Telia store.

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