Public Support Grants

Estonian social services and support are meant for Estonian residents.

This means you will have to register your place of residence in Estonia. Citizens of the EU and EEA member states should do this at their local government service office within three months of arriving in Estonia. Non-EU citizens can register their place of residence only after receiving a residence permit and most of the social care services are applicable only after that. But a new amendment in the Estonian Aliens Act allows non-EU employees to receive Estonian health insurance already during their short-term employment period before receiving a residence permit.

Applications and proof of eligibility. Some of the social services will take place automatically after your residence registration. But for most of them you will have to submit an application along with corresponding proof (documents stating your health situation, pregnancy, birth certificates of children etc). For the exact requirements, inquire at the specific authority.

Health insurance

As the next step, you need valid health insurance. Health insurance is provided by the employer via the Health Insurance Fund to residents of Estonia for whom the social tax is paid or who pay the social tax for themselves. Self-employed residents have to register themselves with the Tax and Customs Board in order to receive health insurance.

Health insurance includes, but is not limited to, consultations, laboratory tests, preventive check-ups, hospital care, and pre-natal and postnatal care, benefits for pharmaceuticals, and temporary incapacity for work. Outpatient fees also apply (there is a fee ceiling of 5 euros). You will also need a General Practitioner. Family and nurse practitioners can also offer information on further health and disability-related social services.

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