Expats in Estonia

The expat community in Estonia is relatively small but really vibrant, with the majority of people living in Tallinn or Tartu

The international community has grown more than double in the past few years.  The largest groups of foreigners in Estonia are international students, people coming to work here as well as their accompanying families – or as some might call them, love migrants.

Whether you are looking to make local friends, find people from your home country or get acquainted with a new culture – you will most likely find a community for you that you can get in touch with.

Check out the list of groups and communities in Estonia below! And, if you don’t see yours, let us know so we can add it – write to [email protected]

Have questions? Book a free consultation at International House of Estonia

International House of Estonia provides free personal consultations for foreigners, their families and local employers about settling in, documentation, healthcare, language programs etc. We also organize events for internationals in the region so check out also the events calendar.
Located in Valukoja 8, Tallinn. Book your appointment online.

Expat communities & International Groups

Online and general communities

Business Networking

By country / region

Facebook groups

Student Associations

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