Education General Overview

Estonian education is a top performer.*

Estonia is a top performer in terms of its education system, according to the OECD.

In Estonia, high school graduation levels are significantly higher than the OECD averages. Estonia’s basic education is top-ranked in Europe and among the best in the world. Estonian students have achieved consistently high scores in the PISA test.

The Estonian Ministry of Education and Research oversees education in the country. However, each local government (e.g. Tallinn) is technically responsible for managing its schools and guaranteeing slots for the area’s registered children.

Studying in universities or vocational schools is not dependent on your place of registration.

*Data taken from the OECD.


Schools where the language of instruction is English

To get an updated and complete list of english-based education offerings in Estonia, you can visit Education Estonia – where you can look and sort by education levels as well. Here are some of the main institutions:


Audentes School (IB program)

EBS High School (only secondary education)

International School of Estonia (IB program)

International School of Tallinn (IB program)

Tallinn English College (IB program)

Tallinn European School (EB program)


Tartu International School

Miina Härma Gymnasium (IB program)

Need more information on education?

Education Estonia’s website contains more detailed information about the education system in Estonia.

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