Living in Estonia

Imagine yourself living in a society where your input is valued and all your out-of-the-box ideas truly cherished. Imagine living in a clean, safe and tech-savvy country together with educated people who value innovation and forward-looking ideas.

96% of Finns living in Estonia would recommend it to others


Country overview

Estonia is one of Europe’s most spacious countries. With a territory roughly matching that of the Netherlands, it is home to only 1.3 million people.

In Estonia you are never more than a 30-minute drive away from a forest or a lake.

The living environment is very clean, relaxed and safe. According to the World Health Organization, Estonia has the best overall air quality in the entire world. 

Despite of its size, you would still take a lifetime to enjoy all the galleries, theatres, concerts, festivals, markets, fairs and beaches this country has to offer.

Viljandi Pärnu Tartu Narva Haapsalu Tallinn Kuressaare Estonia

Click below to find out more about the different areas of the Estonian capital Tallinn and other cities and towns.

Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Narva, Haapsalu, Viljandi, Kuressaare

> Põhja Tallinn Pirita Lasnamäe Mustamäe Kristiine Haabersti Nõmme Kesklinn Tallinn

Click below to find out more about the different areas of the Estonian capital Tallinn and other cities and towns.

City center: Kadriorg, Old town

Nõmme, Pirita, Haabersti, Kristiine, Lasnamäe, Mustamäe, Põhja-Tallinn/Kalamaja

Living in Estonia: easy, affordable and fun

In Estonia, most everyday tasks are carried out digitally. From online banking to e-school and digital prescriptions, our public services run efficiently and smoothly.

The clean environment comes with an added bonus: natural and organic foods are Estonia’s priority. This means you’ll always know what you are eating, and will feel good.

You don’t have to break a bank to rent or buy real estate in here. Both modern and more historic accommodation have remained affordable. You’ll also find it quite easy to find a place with a park or a forest nearby.

Estonians work hard and party well. The organisational work-ethic is very high in this part of the world, but everyone also knows how to relax. As proof, new and surprising entertainment venues pop up in every season all over the country.



Estonia is a true digital society. In just 20 years, Estonia has become one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world are widely available across the country. But more importantly, so is the wireless Internet which covers everything.

In here, Internet access has been declared a human right. Since digital public services are fully embedded into the daily lives of individuals and organisations, the country is now commonly called “e-Estonia”.

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