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2. May 2019

Updated: 10. January 2023


Congratulations on finding this lovely little country and considering a career here. Hopefully by now you’ve had the chance to experience some of Estonia’s charms. We hope you’ll love it here!

Finding a job can be a challenge wherever you are in the world. The goal of this article is to help make the process of finding a job here in Estonia a little less daunting.

Start the search

A great place to start when looking for English-language jobs in Estonia would be to check out the postings on our website here Job Offers – Work in Estonia.

Some other websites you can check out when starting your search for work in Estonia are:
Meet Frank
Glass door
CV Keskus

Go Work a Bit  is a great option if searching for something more temporary. It may also be a great way for you to gain experience and expand your network.

You may find it helpful to research start-ups or local companies in your area of expertise and cold email them with a short message introducing yourself and inquiring about opportunities. Be sure to include your CV.

create a great CV

  1. Make it focused. Be sure you take the time to make your cv focused for the specific job you are interested in. Look into the requirements of the job you are applying for and be sure to highlight the transferable skills that make you a great fit.
  2. Tell the truth. Honestly represent your abilities on your CV. Avoid exaggerating your skills or abilities. Estonians prefer to hear things directly as they are. At the same time don’t leave out the details that can help you stand out. Varied job positions and international experience shows versatility and may give you an advantage. Remember it is important to list all your language skills even if you are unsure that they are relevant for that position.
  3. Keep it short. Recruiters often have limited time to review a lot of material so try your best to be concise. Best to keep your CV to 1-2 pages.
  4. Make it look good. Make sure that your CV is easy to read, and the layout is logical. To help create a great looking CV you can find examples or templates online. Double check the details of your CV. Be aware that even small errors on your CV will impact the first impression you make.

Cover letter

You won’t always be required to submit a cover letter, but it is best to be prepared to provide one. Make your cover letter concise and specifically targeted for each job you apply for.

Here is what you should include in the letter:

  1. Your contact information, including name, phone, email and LinkedIn address.
  2. When addressing the letter be as personal as possible. Use the name of the hiring manager or of the recruiter if you have it.
  3. In the first paragraph introduce yourself and state your interest in the job. Highlight some of your strengths as well as show your knowledge of the company.
  4. The middle paragraph(s) should describe in more detail your skills and experience that make you the right person for the job. Highlight how you can add value to the team and your motivation for this position.
  5. The final paragraph should be a summary. Reiterate your interest in the position, summarize your skills and suggest steps to connect.
  6. Lastly, to end your letter use a professional signature. You could use one of the following common ways to sign off like Best regards or Sincerely.

while you wait:

After applying, be patient. It usually takes time for things to be reviewed. You can use this time to network, prepare for an interview, apply for other positions, or take some courses online or in-person to expand your knowledge and skills.

These are a few of the websites where you can find high-quality online courses, or certifications on a wide variety of topics.

    • Coursera
    • edX
    • Udemy


Networking is a great way to jumpstart your career search. Always grab the chance to introduce yourself, ask questions and listen carefully when meeting other professionals, even when they aren’t specifically working in your area of interest. Take each encounter as a chance to strengthen your professional network. These connections may give you access to the information and contacts that can help you land your dream job.

how to get a job in estonia, europe
how to get a job in estonia, europe

Here are some great ways to network:

  • Skill-based volunteering
  • Participating in or volunteering at local events
  • Attending workshops, hackathons or conferences
  • Joining professional associations
  • Staying active on LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media outlets that companies use

A lot of networking happens on social media. LinkedIn is commonly used by recruiters in Estonia to check potential candidates so keep your profile updated. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, be sure to set one up and prioritize staying active during your job search.

interview tips

It is important to research the specific position you are applying for as well as the company you will be interviewing with. Jot down a list of questions to ask during the interview. This shows your interest and your knowledge of the company.

Practice answering some of the most common interview questions. Use the S.T.A.R. technique to help you prepare to answer behavioral questions. You can practice with another person or in front of the mirror. Be prepared to share personal experiences that relate to the skills the employer is interested in. You want to show your strengths, leadership skills, adaptability, contributions to places you have worked at, your creativity and teamwork skills.

Remember all the basics:

  • Be punctual. You should arrive 5-10 min early
  • Make sure you have a quiet place with good lighting and a reliable internet connection for video interviews
  • Dress appropriately while keeping in mind the job you have applied for
  • Stay calm and confident and maintain eye contact during interactions
  • Actively listen and engage in conversation and give concise, honest answers
  • Be prepared for them to ask you about salary expectations
  • Ask about the follow-up plan, or when a decision will be made
  • Remember to say thank you. You can send a note to thank the people who interviewed you and reiterate you interest in the position.

Best of luck!

You can check out a couple videos of people sharing their experience starting their career in Estonia on our website:

We wish you all the best and hope these tips will help you find an awesome job in Estonia.

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