How Good Writing Will Help You Get a Job

25. February 2016

Well-edited writing is a powerful tool that increases your credibility and makes your application much easier to follow, short-term startup job portal Jobbatical writes in its blog post. Unless you’re after an editing or writing job, no hiring manager is (probably) going to discard your application because she disagrees with your punctuation or capitalization choices. But if it comes down to a choice between two equally promising candidates, and only one of them has clearly made the effort to clean up their writing, you can guess who will make a better impression.

What Jobbatical’s copywriter Maria Magdaleena Lamp recommends, is to pay attention to including paragraph breaks, punctuation, and spelling. At the same time she encourages the job-seekers to keep their sentences simple but not to take any shortcuts in wording.

The first and most important recommendation by Estonia’s biggest job portal CV Online, on the other hand, is to be honest in both, the resume and cover letter. A successful candidate should stress his or her strong sides but should not lie about having skills that he or she does not have, CV Online recommends.

A good resume is simple and includes only relevant information. A resume should not contain any spelling errors and should be formal in style. While visual appeal, structure and clarity are important, a resume should not be “over-designed” using too many images, clip art, etc.

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