Useful materials

The following materials are intended to serve the needs of anyone, whose job it is to present and promote the career opportunities in Estonia. These materials are free to use and share for anyone promoting or interested in working in Estonia.

Action Plan to Involve Foreign Talent 2022-2025

If you are interested in more thorough information on related topics, be sure to contact us: [email protected] .

Research and data

Feel free to learn from these studies:

If you are interested in Work in Estonia’s future plans:

Relocation Guide

Moving to another country is exciting. It is also a little challenging. To help all newcomers settle in smoothly, we have published a special handbook “Relocation Guide to Estonia”. Download or ask for printed copies here. 

Marketing toolkit

Brand Estonia

Here on Brand Estonia website you will find the tools and guides to introduce Estonia in a simple, considered and inspiring way. We have mapped the main strengths of Estonia and created a way to express them through writing, designs, presentations, and videos. Feel free to download and use these materials to introduce Estonia.

Selling story

We have developed the core messages for attracting talent. Combine these messages to fit different markets.


Work in Estonia regularly hosts events to raise awareness on international recruitment. Check out the webinar recordings on our Youtube channel.

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