Marketing toolkit

The following materials are intended to serve the needs of anyone, whose job it is to present and promote the career opportunities in Estonia. These materials are free to use and share for anyone promoting or interested in working in Estonia.

If interested in more thorough information on related topics, be sure to contact us: .

Marketing messages

We have asked local foreigners, mostly IT specialists, why they have chosen Estonia as a place to work and live:

6 reasons to work in estonia print flier

Country reports

Feel free to learn from these country reports:

6 reasons to work in Estonia at a glance video

Estonia is one of the best places in the world to work and live. This video will tell you why.

Videos with expats living in Estonia

Sometimes a video tells much more than facts and numbers. We have created short, ca 2 minutes long videos with expats living in Estonia where they share their unique and authentic experience. For example, you can hear why people from all around the world including from Venezuela, USA, India, the Netherlands, Ukraine have decided to relocate to Estonia for work.

Watch more than 25 video testimonials on our YouTube channel and feel free to share them!

Relocation Guide

Moving to another country is exciting. It is also a little challenging. To help all newcomers settle in smoothly, we have published a special handbook “Relocation Guide to Estonia”. Download or ask for printed copies here. 


Here on Brand Estonia website you will find the tools and guides to introduce Estonia in a simple, considered and inspiring way. From tourism photos to business presentations, from promotional videos to online icons. Feel free to download and use these photos to introduce Estonia.

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