International students in Estonia

Estonian higher education institutions are increasingly attracting some of the best and brightest students from all over the world – which are potential employees already living here in Estonia. By having lived and received an education in Estonia, international students are a great asset for companies looking to hire international talent.

Work in Estonia can help companies get closer to international students and recent graduates, which are potential soon-to-be employees already in Estonia and eager to kickstart their career. While these talents are a great resource which potential is yet to be fully discovered by companies, they do have several advantages that might be useful to your business, such as:

+ Knowledge on foreign markets and other cultures
+ Creativity and unique ways of thinking
+ Motivation and flexibility towards work conditions

And the great news is that hiring international students – during or after completion of their studies – has been as simple as it can be for the employers, meaning hazzle-free hires just waiting to be discovered. Check out the options below on how you can get connected to international students.

Recruitment events for international students

Work in Estonia, in cooperation with Study in Estonia, organizes recruitment events that are specially thought for bringing companies and international students together, while minimizing mismatch with candidates. During the events, we offer a very small group of participating companies access to a specific group of international students looking for a job. 

From reception-style events with embassies’ cooperation to closed-door VIP events, we look of cool and interesting ways to match up the international talents with the open positions you have.

In 2019, we have organized the following recruitment events – all of which have resulted in hires for almost all participating companies.

  • India students’ reception – Gallery
  • Turkey students’ reception – Gallery
  • Kickstart your career!

In 2020 we’re kicking it off with another Kickstart event on the 21st of January.

Get in touch with us to organize an event with your company at


Working conditions for foreign students

During studies

International students do not need an additional working permit to work while studying full time, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their studies.

After studies

All non-EU students can stay in Estonia for an additional 270 days (9 months) after graduation to look for a job in Estonia. Once the job is found, they can apply for a temporary residence permit.

+ International students having successfully finished their BA or MA in Estonia can apply for temporary residence permit for employment. Employer has a simpler procedure, as there is no need to ask for permission from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund nor it is required to meet salary criterion.

With the application of temporary residence permit for employment the employer can send their invitation by employer to the Police and Border Guard Board by e-mail ( or by post (Pärnu mnt 139, 15060 Tallinn).

Foreign students internship Starter-kit

We’ve prepared for you a starter-kit that will give you the needed information to hire an intern.
+ Quick-guide to an international intern.
+ Internship agreement in English and in Estonian.
+ Detailed instruction manual for hiring foreign interns (by Estonian Employers’ Confederation, in Estonian).

Facts and Figures (2018/2019)

Check some interesting facts and figures (2018/2019) on international students by Study Estonia.

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