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The goal of Work in Estonia is to introduce Estonia as an attractive living and working destination to potential, talented would-be employees worldwide. We also work towards simplifying the process for local companies to employ overseas experts. Work in Estonia is a program led by Enterprise Estonia.

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Services for employers by Work in Estonia

  • International House of Estonia

International House of Estonia is a service centre for international specialists in Estonia to communicate with the state, to receive counselling and to create a network. Our purpose is to support a smooth relocation process to Estonia. International House of Estonia opened its doors in the Ülemiste City in Tallinn in November 2018. 

  • Roadmap for international recruitment. 

In cooperation with the Institute of Baltic Studies, Work in Estonia launched an interactive roadmap for international recruitment, which helps Estonian entrepreneurs get a step-by-step overview of what kind of requirements they have to fulfil for international recruitment and what kind of authorities they have to contact to do so. At the end of the roadmap journey, you can generate a PDF version or share a link of the specific journey via email. 
Available in three languages: Estonian, English and Russian.

  • Posting your job ads on Work in Estonia website

All the job offers that have been posted in English to the most popular job portals (,, Euraxess Estonia) are automatically fetched to our website. However, if you have not posted your job offer on any of them, please send us a link to your active job offer (URL) via e-mail and we will post it manually on 

  • Sharing job ads on social media and our newsletter

If you have an active job offer, feel free to send us the link. We will promote it through our social media channels (20,000+ followers) and in our newsletter for potential candidates (5000+). Take note: we can only share links to job offers that have full descriptions and your HR contacts on them. Please provide an URL to an active job offer.

       Marketing materials

To make Estonia more visible and attractive for an international talent pool, Work in Estonia produces and provides marketing materials that are free to use – videos, expats´ testimonials, campaign visuals, landing pages, articles, research materials and more. Feel free to use them.

  • Participate in marketing and hiring campaigns

Work in Estonia performs recruitment marketing campaigns (online, PR, events) in selected countries. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all relevant news and get invitations to participate with your company.

  • Participate in recruitment events abroad

Our team visits tech events abroad together with Estonian companies to recruit ICT specialists from abroad. For example, in December 2017 we attended the biggest software conference in Riga with 5 Estonian employers (Helmes, MOVE Guides, Starship Technologies, Twilio and Axinom). Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all relevant news and get invitations to participate with your company.

Events scheduled for 2019:

  1. Devoxx UK, 9-10. mail Londonis    
  2. Riga Dev Days, 30-31. mai Riias                      
  3. LVIV IT Arena, 27-29. september Ukrainas                 
  4. Full-Stack Fest, 4-6. septembril Barcelonas                
  5. Devternity, 6-7. detsembril Riias   
Join us! If you would like to join our joint stand, fill in the form (link). Contact Siiri Sänn for more information [email protected] ; +372 5656 4097.
  • Consultation on Foreign Recruitment
  1. Learn from other companies’ experiences in foreign recruitment:
  2. Take a look at the international Hiring Checklist
  3. Contact us at [email protected]
  • International Spouse Career Councelling

Now, a free specialised career counselling service will be offered to the spouses of foreign specialists coming to Estonia. Read more

  • Relocation guide (online and printed versions)

Moving to another country can be a little challenging. Finding out where to live, how to manage with the necessary paperwork, where to go out and how to get by in general, usually takes a little research. To welcome all the newcomers and help them settle in smoothly, we have published a special handbook Destination: Estonia – Relocation Guide. The online book is also a useful tool for all the employers looking to hire foreign specialists to work in Estonia. It covers all the basic subjects from formalities to free time gathered into a beautiful publication with additional links and sources to make relocating to Estonia easy for everyone.

The relocation guide is available in 3 languages: English, Finnish and Russian. If you would like to have some printed copies, please e-mail [email protected] and we will provide them for you.

New version of Relocation Guide coming in November 2019!

  • Legal help

We have prepared sample contracts (e.g. employment contract) in English. Feel free to use them.

  • Foreign recruitment grant for employers

The grant is aimed at supporting recruitment of foreign information and communication technology or science and engineering specialists to help alleviate shortage of top specialists. The grant is 3,000€ per one hired specialist. Read more

In case you have any questions or suggestions about recruiting and relocating foreign specialists to Estonia, feel free to contact us via [email protected]


Services for employers by other institutions:

  • Welcoming Programme offered by the Ministry of the Interior

The Welcoming Programme consists of: basic language training at A1 level; a basic module that provides primary information for settling in Estonia; various thematic modules – working and entrepreneurship, studying, research, family life, children and young people, and international protection. Participation in the programme is for free. Read more

  • Migration advisors at the Police and Border Guard Board

They advise foreigners, who wish to do the following in Estonia: to settle, live, work, engage in entrepreneurship, research, or study. They offer their services via phone, email, Skype call or by appointment. The services are for free. Visit their website

  • Posting job offers on EURES

EURES (European Jobs Network) is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers Europe. EURES operates in all EU member states, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Read more


Read about local employers´ experience with hiring from abroad. 

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