Tallinn Literature Festival “HeadRead” – May 27-31, 2015

HeadRead is a literary festival in Tallinn, bringing together writers from Estonia and abroad to spreading the message of the written word. Workshops, literary walks in different Tallinn districts, children’s mornings, poetry cafes and lots of other exciting events.

Run by Estonian writers, publishers and translators, the festival is a feast, a conversation and a joy, as the beautiful city opens up to interesting writers from all over the world. Winter has fled, the summer is full of promise and the festival unfolds as a marvelous party, held by the wittiest hosts, who look after their guests wonderfully well, engaging with them on and off the podium.

The festival venues are Tallinn Writers’ House Majas (Harju 1), Tallinn Central Library (Estonia Blvd 8), Estonian Children’s Literature Centre (Pikk 73) and elsewhere in Tallinn.

Latest Events

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