Estonishing Evenings: Is Estonia really the land of opportunities for entrepreneurs?

Estonishing Evenings November edition is here!

In recent years, Estonia has earned a reputation as a startup hotspot – a “Silicon Valley of the Baltics”.

According to the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report “Europe’s Hidden Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial Employee Activity and Competitiveness in Europe”, Estonia was reported to be the most entrepreneurial country in Europe. The report included analysis of “intrapreneurs” who form and implement new ideas within organisations.

At our November event, Estonishing Evenings will take a closer look behind the hype of headlines and statistics. Are people in Estonia as entrepreneurial as claimed to be? How is it really to be an entrepreneur in Estonia? Is it more complicated to run a business as a non-native?


DAIGO TAKAGI moved to Estonia 10 years ago from Japan. Today he is successfully managing the chain of Tokumaru restaurants and Momo food store.

KRISTEL KRUUSTÜK moved back to Estonia after many years in England. She is the co-founder of Testlio – a startup that is already a world-known software tester. Kristel was recently nominated “Young Entrepreneur of the Year of 2017”.

More information and registration in :

Doors and bar will be opened at 18:00
Tickets: 2-5 euros (cash).

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