Diversity in Estonian workplace and society: good, bad and ugly – August 12

August 12 at 11:30-13:00

Location: Paide Vallimägi

Part of the Arvamusfestival (Opinion Festival).

In recent years, Estonia has become a place to live and work for thousands of people from all corners of the world, and given different factors such as demographics and labour market needs in Estonia, this trend is expected to continue increasing. This means that workplaces, and Estonian society, are turning more diverse with people from different cultural backgrounds interacting with Estonians and among themselves in their places of businesses, sparking innovation and new ways of doing things, but also bringing possible misunderstandings and areas of conflicts. –

So what does this means? Well, we will try to figure it out during our discussion, with questions like: What are the expectations of speaking Estonian for the foreigners entering the labour market? Which is the difference between hate speech and voicing concern about people from different cultural backgrounds? How well is the interaction between Estonians and people from different backgrounds in the offices? What about outside the office? Are there obstacles for foreigners to be included in social life? What are the positive aspects of diversity? Are the main challenges solvable? And how is this translatable from the workplace to society in general?

The discussion will be led by Cornelia Godfrey (Austrian Embassy) and as special guest speaker will join Dennis Ulrik Kristensen (AS Danspin / Sindi Lanka). Moreover, people from different cultural backgrounds and countries will be leading participation of different groups, as the discussion is in the World Café format.

Come voice your opinion and learn more about this exciting topic! NB! The discussion is in English and free of charge!

Organized by Work in Estonia and the Estonian Ministry of Culture (Kultuuriministeerium).


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