Conference: Shared Identities in Diverse Communities: the Role of Culture, Media and Civil Society (16-17.11.2017)

Integration Foundation is organizing an international conference on integration entitled ‘Shared Identities in Diverse Communities: the Role of Culture, Media and Civil Society’.

The two-day conference brings together leading experts on integration issues, policy-makers and hands-on practitioners from Estonia and around Europe will share visionary ideas, research results and best practices for the effective integration in diverse societies. In light of global rise of cultural and religious tensions and xenophobia – it is crucial to combat fear and mistrust of differences, prevent polarization and drawing borders between ethnicities or religions – in order to maintain united and inclusive societies where diversity is a value

The conference will take place in the Nordic Hotel Forum, from the 16-17 of November, 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. The conference is for everyone who is interested in integration issues – researchers and students, policy-makers and administrators, civil society leaders and activists, who want to contribute to the discussion – and action in the field of integration.

More information about the speakers and agenda can be seen from here:

The conference will be live streamed, for those who cannot attend it.

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