Birgitta Festival 2015 – Aug 7-17

Birgitta Festival combines the shadowy charm of the medieval convent with the latest in contemporary musical theatre. The region’s only musical theatre festival is also Tallinn’s signature festival, taking place every year in an opera house specially erected in the ruins of the Pirita Convent.

The festival, which debuted in 2005, brings to the audience the various phenomena of the world’s musical theatre, displaying the genre’s richness and variety. The programme includes opera, ballet, staged oratorios, ethnic-religious productions, modern dance performances, musical humour etc. In its genre, Birgitta Festival offers the largest and most varied programme in the region.

The festival has brought to the audience theatres and performers from all around the world: Canada and Taiwan, Europe and Russia. These include the greats of musical theatre like Komische Oper from Berlin and Opera North form England.

The ancient convent walls create a special atmosphere and during intermissions the audience can explore centuries-old convent walks, the medieval cemetery and stroll among the ruins. The torches, lit upon twilight, make the surroundings particularly beautiful and mysterious.

For the festival’s duration, the convent is covered by a roof, the hall has ascending rows of seats and comfortable chairs, the performances have subtitles in Estonian and English.

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