Estonian e-business register wins a UN award

28. May 2015

The Estonian Centre of Register and Information Systems (RIK) was selected as the first place winner for the 2015 United Nations Public Service Award in the category of “Promoting Whole of Government Approaches in the Information Age” for the initiative “e-business register”.

The submitted Estonian initiative included, in addition to the Estonian company registration portal, the XBRL annual reporting system, the visualised business register and the Estonian e-business register information system.

According to Mehis Sihvart, the director of RIK, by developing the e-business register, RIK aimed to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and provide efficient e-governance services.

“The introduction of the e-business register’s company registration portal has fundamentally changed how companies are established and communicate with the government in Estonia. Sharing best-practices inspires also others and sets an example for the creation of new e-solutions in other countries,” Sihvart said.

The overall purpose of the United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA) programme is to reward the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions in countries worldwide, thereby motivating the innovators.

The UNPSA has been handed out for over ten years. In 2015, the UNPSA Programme received a total of 848 entries.

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