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27. February 2019

Work in Estonia (EAS) and Study in Estonia (Archimedes Foundation) will organize in 2019 a series of events and activities that will bring international students to potential employers in Estonia.

By 2020, one of the goals of the strategy for internationalisation for higher education in Estonia is for 30% of the international degree students to stay and work in Estonia after completing their studies. This is why both Work in Estonia and Study in Estonia will promote more actively the activities that will help students find interesting opportunities in the Estonian labour market.

Indian students’ reception

The first event of this series happened on the 1st of February 2019, where around 60 Indian students coming from Tallinn and Tartu gathered at the TalTech Student’s House to learn more about entering the Estonian labour market and get to know the opportunities companies have to offer. The event starts with companies, in this case Veriff and Genius Sports, presenting their opportunities to the international students. There was a cultural troupe as well as a small fireside chat with Indian students who already are working in Estonia, to share their experience and provide tips.

After two weeks of the event, more than 15 applications from interested candidates were submitted to the companies and at least 1 student has been now employed! Surely, more will be as a few of them are continuing the interview process. Pictures of this event can be seen here:

Next event: Turkey students’ reception on March 29th!

On the 29.03.2019, the next international student reception will be organized – with a potential of over 180 students from Turkey that are already located in Estonia. This is another great source for untapped international potential, all gathered in one place!

If you are an employer open to international students and wish to connect with motivated students interested in working in Estonia, please contact us at [email protected]

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