Der Spiegel: What Germany Can Learn From Estonia

24. April 2019

Estonia is considered a role model country for digitisation. In an interview to Der Spiegel, President Kaljulaid explains how companies and citizens benefit from electronic administration and takes a glimpse into the future. They also discuss how Estonian companies find personnel among global population.

Kaljulaid: “We make it easy for people from elsewhere to work for Estonian companies. Our digital economy is not bound to one place, companies can look for their personnel where work is cheaper or where there is a high unemployment rate – we have rigorously dismantled all legal hurdles and restrictions. My son is currently working on IT projects for the Middle East and Africa, his programmers are based somewhere in Southern Europe. We also have special work permits for start-up employees and our e-residency program, which allows you to start a business in Estonia from anywhere in the world. Because of the Brexit we have an increasing demand from Brits. With our “Career Hunt” program we invite international IT experts to job interviews in Estonia and even cover the travel expenses.”

Read the full article by Marcel Rosenbach on Der Spiegel here.

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