The Estonian Personal Identification Code

Everyone working and/or living in Estonia has the right to a personal identification code.

The Estonian identification (ID) code is a unique 11-digit code that will remain the same your entire lifetime. It is a number formed on the basis of the sex and date of birth of a person which allows the specific identification of the person. Everyone working and/or living in Estonia has the right to a personal identification code.

How to get your personal ID code?

+ Citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland: When registering your residence in Estonia, the local government office shall provide you with a personal identification code (ID code), as this is needed for submitting your information to the Population Register. If you are working in Estonia for a period of less than 5 days, there is no need for an ID code and you can register using your date of birth.

+ Non-EU citizens: In general, you obtain the code when you receive your temporary residence permit at the Police and Border Guard Board (you don´t need to have a personal ID code for signing a job contract).

NB! In case of short-term employment registration , you will receive an ID code together with this procedure.


The identification code can then be obtained from any closest local government office and you must go there in person. You would need the following documents:

Tallinn local government office is located at Vabaduse väljak 7,  15199 Tallinn, ph. +372 6404 457. Other local government offices are listed on Read more on the website of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.
It is also possible to apply for an identification code from an Estonian representation abroad and at the International House of Estonia located in Ülemiste City.

Get your personal ID code at the International House of Estonia

International House of Estonia provides free personal consultations for foreigners, their families and local employers about settling in, documentation, healthcare, language programs etc. Located in Valukoja 8, Tallinn. You can apply for the personal ID code by booking your appointment online.

Estonian identification code via e-residency

The Estonian personal identification number is also granted to a person who has been issued the e-residency digi-ID. An e-resident is a foreigner for whom Estonia has created a digital identity and issued a digital identity card – an e-resident digi-ID, on the basis of the identification credentials of their own country of citizenship.

The e-resident digi-ID enables you to participate in public and private administration of Estonia, notwithstanding your actual physical residence.

Please note that:

– the e-resident digi-ID will not grant you the right to reside in Estonia;

– the e-residency is not related to tax-residency of a person.

For more information, see the website of the Police and Border Guard Board.

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