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Health Insurance

You should have a valid health insurance in Estonia at all times – either from a private service provider or from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Estonian health insurance is valid for people who work and whose social tax is paid for or who pay the social tax themselves. The validity of the employee’s health insurance is the responsibility of the employer.

People who are legally entitled to health insurance in Estonia:

– employees working under an employment contract;

– recipients of employment or service fees under the contract of the Law of Obligations Act;

– members of the directing body and the controlling body of a legal person;

– sole proprietors and their spouses participating in the activities;

– employees with at least a one-month contract.

When do you become eligible for the national health insurance?

You become eligible for the national health insurance when your place of residence is registered in Estonia and:

Important to know: the start and termination of your health insurance is related to tax return submissions. Your insurance takes effect after the submission of the tax return and performance of the tax obligation. The insurance stops on the day following the deadline for submission of the next tax return (in case the minimum obligation of the payment of the social tax has not been met).

Read more about the national health insurance on the website of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.