Customs Clearance & Tax Exemptions

When coming to Estonia from a non-EU country where you’ve lived for at least 12 previous months, you can apply for a tax exemption on your personal belongings and your personal vehicle.

You can only apply for a tax exemption when you have owned the belongings for at least 6 months. The goods must clear customs once they arrive in Estonia and you are not allowed to sell them within 12 months. NB! This exemption can only be done within the first 12 months after moving to the European Union.

Customs clearance is also necessary for registering your vehicle with the Estonian Road Administration.

NB! This is only a quick overview, for more detailed information please visit the Tax and Customs Board section on personal property.

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Which belongings can you declare when coming from a non-EU country?

  • Household goods
  • Personal vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, personal cars and trailers, personal water craft and aircraft)

What documents to submit when applying for a tax exemption on your car?

  • Personal ID 
  • An application form available at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.
  • Proof of residing in a third country during the previous 12 months (rental agreement, utility payments for each month, proof of work, proof of studying, etc.) 
  • A document proving your arrival in Estonia (flight tickets, a document about crossing the border) 
  • Proof of your right of residence in Estonia – your ID card 
  • A full list of items you are applying a tax exemption from (the list can be in English or Estonian, and must include: the description of items, their prices in euros, your signature and date) 
  • Proof of purchase time for the items (not necessary for all household goods but  compulsory for vehicles – the car’s registration documents will be sufficient to prove this)
  • In case of shipment, the documents about sending the goods (the receiver and sender must be the same person) 
  • Written confirmation that you are aware of the conditions of Council Regulation 1186/2009 which regulates the tax exemption for immigrants 

You can write to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board office at [email protected] or contact them in other ways for more information.

Contact information of the service bureaus and customs offices.

Read about registering your car in the Car Registration & Driver’s License section.

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