About us

The goal of Work in Estonia is to introduce Estonia as an attractive place to work and live to talented specialists worldwide.

We also work towards simplifying the process for local companies to employ overseas experts. You can read more about our services for local employers here.

Work in Estonia is a part of Enterprise Estonia – a national foundation to support entrepreneurship. Our budget comes from Estonia’s ICT development program, as well as from government funding.


„We’re a team of energetic people based in Tallinn, here to help you, whether you want to come and work in Estonia or if you want to bring international talent into your company in Estonia.“

Triin Visnapuu-Sepp, Head of Work in Estonia



“We bring all the stakeholders to the table and help them find a common language. Knowing how people behave, what makes them excited or happy, helps us design and implement services based on real needs.“

Annely Tank, Deputy Head of Work in Estonia


“I run the International House of Estonia with the sole aim of making relocating and settling in less of a hassle, – it’s a common service center with several governmental organizations and private partners. Apart from that, it’s a cool place on your way from Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport to your new dream home in the leading tech knowledge hub of Northern Europe.“

Ellen Eigi-Pankevičienė, Head of the International House of Estonia


“I believe in a global world and that we have a lot to learn from each other. Since I have been on both sides of the ocean, metaphorically and literally, I am invested in multiplying human connections and blending the best of each culture. Sharing, working through the differences and adapting are the keys to us evolving – as humans, as a society and even the world.“

Grete Soares de Camargo, Project Manager, Customer Relations


“I am your very first contact if you want to start working in Estonia, answering every question that you might have. No worries, there are no bizarre questions. I have heard it all before, trust me!“

Kille-Ingeri Liivoja, Administrator of the International House of Estonia


“When moving to a foreign country, one has to face big variety of questions at once – about documents, place of living, school for children, taxation or even to figure out where to buy milk. We are here to advise internationals and employers on the settle in and integration processes into Estonian society. Being a foreigner in Estonia myself, I am very proud that I can help to make the Estonian experience as smooth as possible for fellow internationals.“

Michaela Snopková, Community Manager


“Estonia is a true digital society with great startup scene and amazing opportunities to accelerate your career in IT. Follow us, get inspired and find yourself cool new challenges! “

Kristi Veskus, Marketing Manager

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