About us

The goal of Work in Estonia is to introduce Estonia as an attractive place to work and live to talented specialists worldwide.

We also work towards simplifying the process for local companies to employ overseas experts. You can read more about our services for local employers here.

Work in Estonia is a part of Enterprise Estonia – a national foundation to support entrepreneurship. Our budget comes from Estonia’s ICT development programme, as well as from government funding.


„We’re a team of energetic people based in Tallinn here to help you, whether you want to come and work in Estonia or if you want to bring international talent into your company in Estonia. “

Triin Visnapuu-Sepp, programme manager


„Just as it is important to attract talent, it is also crucial to maintain the talent. Thus, we work together with different ministries, companies and civil society organizations in order to continue improving international residents’ experience in Estonia. As a foreigner myself in Estonia, I work towards making sure other expats have an even better experience of what I’ve had so far.“

Leonardo Ortega, partner relations specialist


International House of Estonia (IHE) is a place in the heart of Tallinn to provide a wide range of information: consultation and public authority services for internationals in Estonia and local employers. My main aim is to create the coziest service centre in the world – full of bright ideas and great people. Tere tulemast!“

Annely Tank, head of International House of Estonia

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