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Fast-track your career!

Do you want to live in a digital and tech-savvy society, where horizontal work culture enables fast advancement? Step into the future – work in Estonia.

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Thrilling future prospects!

Estonia is welcoming top talent. In return, we are offering you thrilling and notable future prospects. That’s just how a fair deal works. Nicknamed the Little Silicon Valley of Europe, this hotspot for innovation is an ideal place to test your skills to the max. In here, you can work together with other people who are passionate about what they’re doing. But not only passionate but also smart. Join us and reach the top of your career in the land of limitless WiFi and some very questionable humour!

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Compare Cities Powered by teleport small apartment (median rent) loaf of bread cinema ticket Lunch air quality cleanliness GDP growth rate
Tallinn 424.15 0.48 6.32 8.11 0.8948 0.8289 2.08
Helsinki 923.7 1.51 12.25 13.2 0.9 0.9128 -0.11
Helsinki 923.7 1.51 12.25 13.2 0.9 0.9128 -0.11
Berlin 678.64 0.78 9.05 9.43 0.6292 0.6552 1.61
London 1602.34 0.53 12.25 13.2 0.4157 0.512 2.55
Kiev 320.47 0.14 2.64 4.05 0.3282 0.3748 -6.83

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