Estonia is Northern Europe's knowledge hub in tech.
Come work in Estonia to accelerate your career.

This page is your official guide to finding a job in Estonia, relocating and settling in.

Europe's most entrepreneurial country
World Economic Forum
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in Europe in number of startups per capita
Funderbeam Start up Investment Report
Number of international talent has doubled in the past 5 years
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Why choose estonia?

You can work together with people with uncannily elegant skills *and* the willingness to pull their weight. An atmosphere to be envied! So what makes Estonia an attractive place for working and living? Find out now.

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“I definitely recommend [Work in Estonia´s] Career Hunt programme to all my friends that are in the tech world. The way that people work in Estonia and the way that companies function here is very nice, very horizontal. You can reach anyone in the company.”
Product Owner, Proekspert
from Argentina
“Moving to Estonia went very fast – sorting out the documents took a day, whilst in Berlin, this had taken a week. Estonia’s biggest advantage is the way everything is based on IT, which makes taking care of administrative formalities extremely easy and fast. Salaries in the area of IT are good. ”
Test Lead, Testlio
from The Netherlands
“Estonia is a cozy country where you can do things that have impact on a global scale”
Digital Marketing Specialist
from Mexico
“Because of the affordabilty, the amount that you make in Estonia allows you the same luxuries and quality of life as in New York. ”
Head of Marketing & Chief of Product , Jobbatical
from New York, USA
“I like the fact that my employer respects my private life and the time I spend with my family./.../ I also like that there’s no hierarchy in Estonia. It’s always okay to go to the sauna with members of the board, play basketball with them, spend time with them. Again, that’s something that never happens in Turkey. ”
Camera Operator, Estonian Television
from Turkey
“I’ve learned to love the weather here in Estonia and I’m always delighted to see the snow during winter, all the magnificent red leaves during autumn and, to be honest, last summer was hot enough for me to get sunburnt at Pirita beach.
Paid Media Coordinator, Global Gaming
from Sao Paolo, Brazil

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