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Politics & Goverment

A balanced climate of political stability and liberal beliefs.

Estonia is a parliamentary democracy in which the prime minister (currently Taavi Rõivas, who at 35 is the youngest prime minister in Europe) is the head of government.

The head of state is the president (currently Toomas Hendrik Ilves), elected by the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) for a five-year term. The president is mainly a symbolic figure. However, he does appoint a number of officials, has veto power, and is the supreme commander of national defence.

Riigikogu itself  has 101 members who are elected for a period of four years. The government has executive power.

Estonia is regularly ranked among the most liberal countries in the world, whether for its political, economic, Internet or press freedom:

– in the latest Freedom House Index, Estonia ranked among the “free” countries, for both political rights and civil liberties;

– according to the Economic Freedom Index, Estonia ranks 9th in the world and 3rd in Europe;

– Estonia also ranks second in the world in Internet Freedom, just behind Iceland and ahead of Canada, Germany, and the US.

– in the Reporters Without Borders world Press Freedom Index, Estonia is also in the top ten.