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This northern gem is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea

Small in size, varied in nature

Estonia is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea with Finland to the north, Latvia to the south, Sweden to the west and Russia to the east.

Estonia is one of Europe’s smallest countries. We have a long coastline with 1,520 gorgeous islands. Forests and wild areas cover about 50% of the country, making this small northern gem a true nature lover’s paradise.

And if you are more interested in the inland charms, there are 1,500 lakes – the largest of them, Lake Peipsi (2,555 square kilometres), separates Estonia from Russia – and over 200 rivers waiting to be enjoyed. And we also have many hotspots for spotting bird species in migration.

There’s another inland charm to be mentioned: a 318-meter hill, the slyly named Big Egg Mountain (Suur Munamägi) which also marks the highest point in the country. It has no basecamp but the walk to the top is still very delightful.