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Climate & Weather

a land of four seasons

Estonia – a land of four seasons

The climate in Estonia is temperate and milder than would be expected at such a northern latitude, thanks to the warm maritime air.

Yes, Estonia can get -20 C winters, but most of the time the True North is kept at bay by the warm maritime air. The climate here is temperate and definitely milder than in other northern parts of northern Scandinavia. Or North Scotland.

The Baltic Sea coastline has an effect on the local weather patterns, so Estonia has a maritime, wet climate with rather warm and dry summers and fairly cold winters. If you like the idea of experiencing all the four seasons in their full splendour, this is the place to live.

Usually, winters in here have heavy snowfall and some snowstorms. Both of these turn Estonia into a magical winter wonderland. Should you be looking for a break from scorching hot temperatures of the more southern countries, summertime Estonia will bring you relief with its average 20-25 °C. Quite often, every summer also manages to surprise you, with the temperatures exceeding 30°C.

The transitional seasons – fall and spring – are usually quite mild, but you can expect the weather to change daily from sunshine to rain.


Spring arrives in March or April and is usually sunny but chilly.


The average temperature in summer (June to August) is 18°C; however, the temperature rise up to 30°C for shorter periods. You can find most of the Estonians in the sea then.


Autumn (September to October) is typically the wettest season.


Winter (November to February) can be fairly cold with a lot of snow, and the temperature may drop below -20°C, usually in January or February.  The average daytime temperature in those two months remains around -5°C. With -20°C, the sea freezes and you can drive from mainland to the islands on the ice road.